HSU Communications is a marketing & PR firm
A Subsidiary of HSU Holdings & Investment Ltd.


HSU provides turn-key solutions for worldwide businesses and organizations seeking public exposure in China, and for Chinese companies to market worldwide.

At HSU you can benefit from our rich experience in the Chinese market with professional content production and help you convey your message in an efficient and persuading way to increase exposure.

HSU Communications creates multi-lingual contents, manages social media and news platforms in China and the West. We have the connections and know-how to increase targeted media exposure in the Chinese market.

Our services include:

  • Publishing PR News on Top 300 China nationwide online media
  • Establishing your presence on Chinese social media
  • Creating contents that attract Chinese audience’s attention
  • Interacting with Chinese audience 
  • Conducting online research & information intelligence
  • Designing and executing PR & marketing plans

We are here to help you expose to Chinese media, gain influence, and understand the specific Chinese market.

Our Team

Yael, CEO
Ohad, CMO
David E., COO
Xie, Beijing MD
Steve, Taipei MD
He Nuan, China Legal Consultant
Li, Senior Manager
Jiang, Project Manager
Shiping, Project Manager
Huang, Project Manager