A foreign company doing business in China is always under the radar of crisis, it can be fierce local competition, sudden departure of the entire management team, product quality complaint or regulatory change.

Whatever the crisis, the way you handle it will affect your sales, and business partners and investor relationships, and the degree to which the government is comfortable allowing you to continue to operate in China.  Poorly crisis handling will damage your business credibility with local publics; well-handled crisis can showcase your confidence and strength which eventually leads to increase in sales and reputation.

You must defend your company and your brand when any crisis arises.  Make sincere apologies if necessary, but you must defend your company or suffer loss of reputation.

Facing crisis, the following must be done:

  1. Respond ASAP
  2. Choose the right person for media and public inquiry
  3. Provide communication channels to ease public concerns


Crisis Communication in China
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