Facebook, Twitter and many other social media that we know are not accessible in China.  Instead, Weibo WeChat and a website in Chinese are the main elements of internet presence in China.  If it's important for you to build a branding in the Chinese market,  better not to skip them.  And if your business has lots of information to share, you can consider having a We Media account.

We must stress the importance of controlling your own social media or We Media account in China if you are in the consumer business and you have or plan to have sales in China.  Because if you don't, someone else might take the chance to claim the "official account" on half of you, this can cause dangerous situations.

HSU Communication offers the complete solution for social media and We  Media application and operation in China.  We work with our clients on planning and executing content creation (articles, videos), audience interaction and issue reports, so you never miss important feedbacks.

Why is it important to have PR activity in China
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