A title to an article is like eyes to a person.  Most people decide if they read an article or not based on the title.  One should always make sure the title contains the keywords attractive to the target audience.

Nevertheless, there are certain rules destined to grab everyone's eyeballs, if use well can increase the visibility of the article in the world of overflowing information.

  1. Show numbers

    There is no doubt that the most read and shared blog posts are usually listicles, such as "The 9 foods to help lose weight" or "The best 5 investment strategies in 2017", the first reason is the number catches our eyes.  If you can make out some listicles from your news release or PR article, please do not hesitate to do that. Other numbers to extract from your articles are such as year and percentage.This will increase reader's attention by 50%.

  2. Rewrite a famous quote or a cliche

    There are numerous quote images sharing around the world based on "Keep Calm and Carry On" format, like "Keep Calm and Drink Coffee" or "Keep Calm and Have a Cookie".  Other most re-written quotes include "It's The Economy Stupid" and "Imagination is more important than knowledge", the list can go on.  The point here is to find the keyword in your article which can be framed into a famous quote structure.  This strategy will never disappoint you.

  3. Psychology manipulation

    I do not recommend this for a news release, this strategy is better applied to blog articles or placement marketing.  The examples are "The marketing tools your competitors are using" or "The photo that making 20 million people cry".  It usually involves somewhat exaggeration for attention, so use it wisely and not too often.

  4. Well, if you really can't think of an alluring title...

    So at least attach a nice photo.

On writing an alluring title
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